Burkenroad Investment Conference: Bargains on the Bayou

Tom Putnam, John Fox, and Kevin Gioia attended the Burkenroad Investment Conference Friday, April 22nd. Each year Fenimore Asset Management’s Investment Research Analysts look forward to hearing the unique insights presented at this event. The Burkenroad Investment Conference takes place in New Orleans annually and features presentations from 30 public companies in the region. The Conference provides individual and institutional investors the chance to hear from the management teams from each of these small-cap businesses.

BURKENROAD REPORTS is a course offered at Tulane University’s A. B. Freeman School of Business and gives students practical stock analysis skills by focusing on companies in the Southern Region of the United States that are not traditionally followed by mainstream analysts. It is one of the few courses in the United States that offers extensive teachings on value investing.

Since their inception in 1993, BURKENROAD REPORTS has gained national attention. Under faculty supervision, students work in small groups to analyze and produce investment research reports on a number of publicly held companies. The program includes on-site visits and interviews with management teams. The reports are circulated throughout the investment community.

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