Value Investor Insight: Down to Business

john foxJohn Fox, CIO, and FAM Funds were featured in the March 31, 2016 edition of the Value Investor Insight. John spoke to quality equities with a value bias and highlighted several premium holdings at the company level. Below is a sample of the article.

Staying out of trouble isn’t the most exhilarating investment stance, especially in bull markets, but it’s one that has certainly served John Fox well over time. It’s no coincidence that Fenimore Asset Management “takes the perspective of the long-term business person over the short-term trader,” says John Fox. The upstate New York firm was founded in 1974 by Thomas Putnam to run his family’s money after the successful sale of its long-held textile company. “It’s always been business-first approach,” says Fox, Fenimore’s Chief Investment Officer.

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