Mutual Fund Observer Features FAM Value Fund

Regarding the FAM Value Fund the article states, “It deserves to be better known, most especially by equity investors looking for a committed team, a value-sensitive strategy and a long, consistent record.” READ NOW

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Quest for Quality

The stock market peaked in January and is going through a correction as we write this in early February. We have had a long period of stock prices increasing — this correction is a natural part of the process. To reiterate, the fundamentals of the economy and Corporate America are still very strong. In fact, this type of environment can provide opportunities to invest in quality companies, both existing and prospective holdings, that have declined in price. Read More


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CHANGING times, UNCHANGING principles

FAM Funds’ Annual Shareholder Informational Meeting
John Fox began, “We chose the theme after celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the FAM Value Fund earlier this year. We thought about the last three decades and how much has changed. I’d like to make a few observations.” Read More


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Managing Risk In Today’s World

We cannot stress the subject of mitigating risk enough, especially in our rapidly changing world. Managing risk is crucial to an effective long-term plan for preserving and creating wealth. Many may seem adept at managing money during upturns, but fail to have a sound strategy for enduring and taking advantage of downturns. Our research efforts enable us to know the quality businesses behind the stocks we hold very well and this gives us the confidence to maintain, and even increase, our shares in these stable companies when the market drops. Read the Letter from Cobleskill.

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Investing in Dividend-Paying Companies in the Midcap Space

“Paul Hogan talks about his firm’s equity-income 
fund. Mr. Hogan says the objective of the fund is

that at least 80% of the companies have to pay a
dividend. Additionally, the fund is in the midcap
space. Mr. Hogan says midcap businesses tend to
grow faster than large-cap companies. He says
right now is a great time to own an equity-income
fund because it can limit some of the downside risk
while still offering equity exposure and the
opportunity to participate in the upside as the
market moves higher.”  Read The Wall Street Transcript article.


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