Actively Focused On High-Quality Businesses (podcast)

John Fox, Chief Investment Officer, discusses FAM Funds’ approach to active management, market valuations, the election, and where he is finding value on the company level. Fox also shares ways in which we mitigate risk with a long-term perspective and a focus on high-quality companies. Listening to the podcast, you will find evidence based on market trends within the active vs. passive and political environments.

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Letter from Cobleskill – Autumn 2016

letter-from-coby-250By Tom Putnam, Founder & Chairman

Learn what Tom Putnam has to say about the current environment in response to investors who may be tempted to try to time the market:
Although we are opportunistic when mainstream investors are fearful and there is a downturn, I think it is helpful to reiterate to you our mantra of “stay the course.” We have heard concerns about matters such as the presidential election and possible rising interest rates, and some have asked if it is a good time to be invested. I would like to reinforce a study we highlighted recently on what panicky investors have cost themselves. Read more.


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Focusing on High-Quality Stocks in the Small-Cap Value Space


Andrew Boord, Co-Manager of the FAM Small Cap Fund, details how we identify high-quality, small-cap companies and invest in them at a discount to our estimate of their intrinsic value in an interview with The Wall Street Transcript.

“We’re value guys in the Buffett-Munger camp. We want to align ourselves with very high-quality companies and have spent a lot of time identifying these businesses. We then wait for an opportunity to buy shares in them at a discount to our estimate of intrinsic value. Whereas most value managers are really focused on finding cheap stocks, we’re extremely focused on finding quality stocks.”

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Dividend Growth For The Long Term

dividend-growth-wp-250Paul C. Hogan, CFA
Investment Research Analyst

Today’s environment has many investors looking for income. Some consider adding dividend-paying stocks to their portfolio and often choose dividend payers with high dividend yields; however, dividend growth is a key metric to examine as well. The statistics are compelling: companies that grow their dividend have been less risky, outpaced inflation, and performed better.

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