A Look Inside FAM Dividend Focus Fund (FAMEX)

The name may have changed to FAM Dividend Focus Fund, but the proven research process and high-conviction dividend growth strategy have not.

Managing Risk
Conventional wisdom holds that portfolio concentration increases risk. At FAM Funds, our 45 years of experience tells us something different. We try to reduce risk by combining a disciplined, independent, and in-person research process with the freedom to find dividend growth stocks across a wide range of industries.

Dividend Growth Leads Us to High-Quality Businesses

At FAM Dividend Focus Fund, we’re searching for dividend growers, not simply high dividend payers. These businesses tend to be stronger, with solid growth prospects, balance sheets, and cash flows. High-quality businesses with these characteristics can deliver growing dividend income, along with equity gains, and provide stability during periods of market volatility.







95% Active Share*
Our approach means we are unconstrained and able to pick what we estimate to be the best stocks that meet our dividend growth criteria, regardless of industry. As a result, shareholders can benefit from major growth themes such as Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, automation, and robotics.



*As of 6/30/19 versus Russell Midcap Index (source: Morningstar Direct)

Please see Fenimore disclosure.